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Glitter Gel Nail Extension

Gel Nail Extension is made from the same gel that is used to make gel polish. Gel Nail Extensions adds length to your regular nails and are strong and long-lasting. These extensions are healthier, not only for the person getting them but for the person doing your nails as it does not contain the powder or the harsh chemicals. You’ll need is a UV LED lamp which hardens the gel. There are few concerns about using a UV lamp to cure the polish. But according to the experts that the risk of malignant cancer because of nail lamps is extremely […]

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One Stroke Art

One Stroke is an artistic method is doing nail arts. It allows painters to blend, shade, and highlight all in one stroke of a brush. One Stroke art can be modified to fit many different mediums. This technique of nail art can transform a set of nails in minutes adding shade and highlight in one simple move. It consists of loading a brush with multi-separate colors and achieving the shading and highlighting in one stroke. If you’ve always thought of doing decorative painting on your nails, one stroke nail art is definitely a good choice for you. Purchase a few […]

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Lead Polish Art

Lead polish art is a technique where you stamp an image on your nails and color it. Using jelly polishes, you can give your nails a stained glass look. It is also called Lead-lighting. Lead-lighting is when you apply a complete color over a stamp to add color and size. Method for Lead-lighting art 1. Always start a base color of white and use black stamping polish and stamp the floral pattern onto the nails. 2. After stamping the pattern, allow the polish to dry for a minute and use a brush to fill in the design with color. You […]

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French Tips Overlay

French Tips are those classic manicures that make your nails look chic and polish. It can be easily done at home. You just have to let your nails grow long or use gels or acrylics to lengthen them instantly. Nail overlays involve the application of the acrylic, gel or the desired system directly to the natural nail and can also be applied to toenails. Overlays will provide an extra layer of protection and are particularly good for either individual who has trouble growing out their natural nails. Methods of doing french tips overlay 1. Get your nails ready by removing […]

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