Acrylic 3D Art

3D nail art has become very popular and looks fabulous in today’s life. 3D nail art is the application of various artistic designs onto your nails, including fingernails, thumbnails, and toenails. You can learn it yourself through some videos on the internet.

Emboss Technique – Emboss nail are the two main types of acrylic 3D nail art designs. Acrylic 3D nail art requires some special nail art materials and lots of patience. Acrylic 3D Nail art depends on the limit of your imagination, how complex you can go with the design. Bows, simple flowers, and roses are the most popular designs of 3D nail art.

We have a tutorial to create a 3D Acrylic flower on your nails.

1. Prepare your nail and polish it.
2. Take a small bead of white acrylic, place it on the nail and pull the bead into a teardrop shape.
3. Use the tip of the brush to press down and outward in the center of the teardrop and create a petal.
4. Push the edges with a brush to shape the petal.
5. Repeat the process clockwise to create a flower.
6. Create 5, or 7 or 10 petals.
7. Add two more flowers back and front. Make it smaller this time.
8. Take a tiny bead of yellow acrylic and place it in the center of the first flower.
9. Gently press down the yellow bead in the center.
10. Now, add a yellow center to the two remaining flowers and you are ready to go.

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