Acrylic French Nail With Nail Form

What are Acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are artificial nail enhancements placed over the natural nail and are the oldest form of nail extension in the modern beauty industry. A mixture of polymer (powder) and monomer (liquid) is used in order to create Acrylic nails. A hard protective layer is created with the mixture and is sculpted over the natural nail. These nails can be cured without the use of any lamp. Acrylic becomes hard when exposed to air and your nails become strong and glossy when the process is completed.

How to apply Acrylic French Nail With Nail Form?

Prepare your natural nails and apply nail from under your nail. Nail forms come with guidelines which make the nail sculpting easier and can be and easily remove them after the materials have cured. Apply the acrylic mixture on nail forms. Now, start at from the bottom edge of the acrylic tip. Flatten the acrylic ball and brush it down to the tip. Spread acrylic all over the nail quickly so that the transition between your natural nail and the acrylic tip looks smooth. Let it dry and remove the nail forms. Shape the tips using a nail file and file them to the length you want. Paint your nail tips with white polish, it should stop right where the whites of your nails stop. Apply a clear top coat to protect the look of your freshly painted nails.

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