Lead Polish Art

Lead polish art is a technique where you stamp an image on your nails and color it. Using jelly polishes, you can give your nails a stained glass look. It is also called Lead-lighting. Lead-lighting is when you apply a complete color over a stamp to add color and size.

Method for Lead-lighting art

1. Always start a base color of white and use black stamping polish and stamp the floral pattern onto the nails.
2. After stamping the pattern, allow the polish to dry for a minute and use a brush to fill in the design with color. You don’t have to make it look completely neat or perfect. Even if you go outside the border it will not show up over the black.
3. When you’re all done, complete the look with a nice thick top coat to seal it all in.

Have you ever tried doing lead lighting art on your nails? If not, this is the right time to try it out, it really isn’t hard at all.

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