Nail Enhancement

Polished and well-groomed nails are something that can boost your confidence and it’s a fact that most of us do not have the kind of nails we would like. Nail enhancements can transform un-attractive and weak nails with the help of nail extensions and make your nails look strong and natural.

Here, we have three main nail enhancement techniques to enhance your nails.

1. Acrylic Nails
Acrylics are commonly used as a form of enhancement. Dip a brush into liquid (monomer) then into a powder (polymer). it creates a small ball of product that is applied to your nails. It creates a hard protective layer over your nails which benefits naturally weak and brittle nails. It hardens easily by exposure to the air and also can be removed easily having the product soaked off in the salon.

2. Gel Nails
These nails look extremely natural and are thin, clear, flexible. It can be applied just in the same way as regular nail polish. It enhances your nails and helps them last for three weeks. It only hardens when each layer is cured in a U.V. light for 2 minutes and can be removed only by filing off so professional removal is definitely advised.

3. Silk/Fiber
Fiberglass is a woven strip creates a thin, strong flexible extension. It is ideal for doing small repairs, it can be used on weak nails to reinforce them. A thin layer of silk is wrapped around your natural nail and liquid glue is applied over the silk. It hardens when sprayed with a fine mist of activator.

How to enhance your nails?
Our nails need proper hygiene and it’s on the top of our priority list. Avoid putting your hands into bleach and cleaning chemicals and take care of your new nails. Massage your nails on a regular basis at least twice a day with Phenom-en oil as it conditions and softens cuticles and promotes growth and strength of the nail.

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