Natural Nail With Clear Builder Gel

Builder Gels are a medium to thick, hard gel, which is different from gel polish. It can be used to create and build shape and leaves your nails solid and inflexible. They are commonly used within the professional nail industry for different nail extensions and natural nail overlays. This builder gel lasts longer than gel polish. They are hard as compared to that of acrylic nails. Clear builder gel one of the various colors of builder gel.

How to use clear builder gel?
1. All you have to do is shape the nails, push cuticles back, dehydrate nails & or use primer.
2. Apply the base coat and cure it under the LED lamp for 60 seconds.
3. Now, using a gel brush apply the builder gel to the entire nail.
4. Keep off your cuticles while applying the builder gel and cure your nails for one minute with an LED lamp and two minutes for UV.
5. Continue on to painting your favorite color coat. You don’t have to use a base coat for this application. A proper builder gel manicure should last for two weeks.

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