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What is a Half-Moon Nail?

Half-moon nail is a nail art design that features two contrasting shades of polish, one at the tips and one at the base designed with anything that you can think which gives the effect of a half moon shape on the nails. It isn’t a new invention though. It has been around since the early 1920s and it is still trending in our fashion world. It is just like a reverse French manicure where the half moon shape is located just above the cuticle instead of on the tip of the nail.

The nail art design is trending in social media nowadays. It’s fun to make using the same concept, however – two contrasting shades. It looks like the rest of the nail is covered with another contrasting shade of nail polish.


Create Half-Moon Nail Design At Home.

You can create your favorite nail design without visiting fancy nail salons across the country. Half-moon nail art has remained a firm favorite in the fashion world and is actually much easier to create than it looks if you know the tricks of the trade! Half moon manicure is easy to create with a little practice, and it can give your nails that bold and distinctive look and can easily be done at home.

The trick is to use sticky the hole reinforcers to create that perfect shape of half-moons. Pick your two favorite nail polish colors and get started. I’d like to use a grey and silver color combination to give my nails a glamorous look. I prefer to use grey on base to make a bit formal and silver on the cuticles to make a perfect match. Get ready with a fast-drying top coat and plenty of the hole reinforcers. You can easily find sticky the hole reinforcers in craft stores. You can cut them down in the middle to use it twice.


Here are some tips to create perfect Half-Moon Nails

1. Clip and file your nails into a round or slightly pointed nail shape.
2. Wash your hands in soapy water to remove dirt and oil that could keep the polish from making a strong bond.
3. Start by applying a good base coat.
4. Paint your nails with the color that you want to appear as the half moon shape.
5. Let it dry completely.
6. Place the hole reinforcer and apply the second color of nail polish you picked over the first color you’ve already applied.
7. Remove the reinforcer carefully once it is dry completely.
8. Add top coat over nail polish to give it a finishing look. It will not only makes your polish look better but also gives your nail a layer of protection.

It is also possible to create the half moon shape without using hole reinforcers but it takes a lot of practice. I, personally don’t recommend it if you haven’t tried this nail design before because it will only create a mess.

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