Artificial Nail

artificial nail services and training in kathmandu nepal

Artificial Nail Training & Services in Kathmandu, Nepal

What is an artificial nail?

The extension or false nails are artificial nails. Artificial nails are also called fake nails, false nails, fashion nails, nail enhancements, nail wraps or nail extensions, and plastic extensions in the shape of an elongated nail, that are placed over fingernails as fashion accessories.

These are not a replacement of natural nails, they used for nail enhancement. They are an extension for natural nails. Sculptured nails, Acrylic nails, Nail wraps using silk, linen and or fiberglass and Gel nails are the types of artificial nails. Nails are shaped plastic plates glued on the end of the natural nail.

Why visit us?

Polished and groomed nails boost your self-confidence and make you more beautiful, stylish and professional. There are a lot of reasons to get nail enhancements. Whether it is a wedding, birthday parties or late night parties, we need a manicure service or gel polish to beautify our nails. Our nail technicians have a passion for getting your nails to look best. We can get them done in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types depending on the color fill method you want to use. Your nails appear as natural as they can, it will not look made up. Come to us because we have the best solutions to your nail problems. Get ready to pamper yourself, and book the appointment now. We are now located at Kathmandu, Nepal.

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