Gel Polish

Gel Polish in Kathmandu Nepal - Migliore Nails

Gel polishes are those polish in the form of a gel. It was created in 2009. Gel polish adds length to your regular nails and is strong and long-lasting and these look extremely natural and are thin, clear, flexible. Gel polish is healthier, not only for the person getting them but for the person doing your nails as it does not contain the powder or the harsh chemicals.

It can be applied just in the same way as regular nail polish. It enhances your nails and helps them last for three weeks. It only hardens when each layer is cured in a U.V. light for 2 minutes. There are few concerns about using a UV lamp to cure the polish. But according to the experts that the risk of malignant cancer because of nail lamps is extremely low. As a result, many people favor gel polish as a way to extend polish life and strengthen nails.

It can be removed only by filing off so professional removal is definitely advised. Gel nail polish can last for an entire month if taken care. Please visit us to get your gel polish done today!

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