Hand Treatments

hand treatment services and training in kathmandu nepal

Hand Treatment Services & Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Our hands get tired, rough and parched easily after the different chemicals we use in our daily life. We offer those luxurious soothing and replenishing hand treatment using exotic and organic products. This could be the perfect weekend and make them smooth and soft again with these super-moisturizing treatments.

How does hand treatment help our skin?

Hand treatment helps remove dead cells and callous. Giving repeated pressure on a spot of your skin causes callous and extra layers of skin to grow over the affected area until a harder, raised bump appears. We give hand treatments to replenish, restore and rejuvenate naturally tired hands.

Migliore Nails and Training Center has highly experienced nail technicians in Kathmandu, Nepal who performs re-hydrating, stimulating treatments customized to enhance circulation. We use products that contain softening agents superior to water. All you need to do is just laying back in a chair and get relax with our hand treatments. Your hands will feel renewed and rejuvenated and it transforms your skin and nails.

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