Nail Biting Treatment

Many kids and teens bite their nails and it can be a sign of emotional or mental stress which tends to show up in people who are nervous, anxious or feeling down. The other reasons for nail biting can be when you’re bored, hungry or feeling insecure or you do it without thinking. It won’t cause permanent damage but it can make your nails grow in a weird way. Your nails will look abnormal and unhealthy and also does not makes you feel good around the other people.

However, the problem always comes with a solution. You can definitely improve if you give a little time and effort.
1. Cut your nail short so that your teeth won’t be able to grab your nails.
2. Chew gum so your mouth loses the energy to bite nails.
3. If its winter, try wearing gloves all the time.
4. Apply nail polishes that have a bitter flavor which will automatically remind you to avoid biting nails.

If you are struggling with nail-biting problems, we suggest you visit us once. Migliore Nails and Training Center is now located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our nail technicians will give you a lot of advice and therapy to improve your nail hygiene. Keep caring if you want your nails and hands to look and feel good for your entire life. It might take a bit of time to improve, your skin heals slowly but it’ll definitely help you to achieve your goal.

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