Nail Repair

nail repair training and services in kathmandu nepal

Artificial Nail Training & Services in Kathmandu, Nepal

Our nails experts have many tricks of the trade for seamless fixes that will turn a broken nail back into a beautiful one. We have different types of nail repairs for different types of broken, split, and damaged nails.

Tips to Repair the Nails

Natural Nail

It is very easy to repair natural nails. Buff the surface of the nail to remove the shine avoiding damage to the nail’s surface. Cleanse the nail thoroughly with nail cleaner and insert a small amount of cotton into the nail crack. Apply nail glue over the cotton and spray glue dryer to set and then buff the nail until smooth.

Gel nail and Acrylic Nail

To repair gel nails, a tear on the edge of the nail. File the top layer of the last gel fill, near the break avoiding the natural nail. Prime the nail and apply clear gel along with the break. Cure the nail, and finish by applying the top coat gel. Acrylic Nail can save your natural nails. You can peel off the acrylic, clean the crack with disinfectant, and cover it with a thin layer of acrylic. If the acrylic is cracked, take off the acrylic near the crack, and file down the rest of the nail.

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