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Gel Polish in Kathmandu Nepal - Migliore Nails

Gel Polish

Gel polishes are those polish in the form of a gel. It was created in 2009. Gel polish adds length to your regular nails and is strong and long-lasting and these look extremely natural

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Nail Biting Treatment

Many kids and teens bite their nails and it can be a sign of emotional or mental stress which tends to show up in people who are nervous, anxious or feeling down.

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bridal nail or party nail training and services in kathmandu

Bridal & Party Nail

Gorgeous hands and feet are a must when it comes to the wedding. No one can miss their bridal party with the family. What’s more fun than a gathering at our nail services?

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hand treatment services and training in kathmandu nepal

Hand Treatments

Hand treatment helps remove dead cells and callous. Giving repeated pressure on a spot of your skin causes callous and extra layers of skin to grow over the affected area until a harder, raised bump appears.

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artificial nail services and training in kathmandu nepal

Artificial Nail

The extension or false nails are artificial nails. Artificial nails are also called fake nails, false nails, fashion nails, nail enhancements, nail wraps or nail extensions...

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nail repair training and services in kathmandu nepal

Nail Repair

It is very easy to repair natural nails. Buff the surface of the nail to remove the shine avoiding damage to the nail’s surface.

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nail polish training and services in kathmandu nepal

Nail Polish

Whether it be gel polish, traditional, natural nails, acrylic or the latest trend–dipping powder, our nail experts will give full passion to your expectations.

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nail polish training and services in kathmandu nepal

Pedicures & Manicures

We forget how important our feet are! They do the hardest work by lifting our weight, yet they get the least attention.

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