Nail Art Training services

Are you trying to find out which nail technician training center is right for you? Or just want to expand your list of hobbies by gaining some beauty qualifications. Don’t worry, Migliore Nails and training center has you covered! We are located in Basundhara, Kathmandu, Nepal. The training will be provided by a Certified IBD Professional with more than 10years of experience in this field and are experts at gel, acrylic, natural manicures, and the latest trend–dipping powder. We also have personally conducted research on nail art and creativity in designing patterns.

We run three weeks of training classes which includes different level of course:

  • Glitter Gel Nail Extension.
  • One Stroke Art.
  • Lead Polish Art.
  • French Tips Overlay.
  • Natural Tips Overlay (French Nail).
  • Natural Nail with Natural Tips.
  • Natural Overlay With Clear Gel.
  • Natural Overlay With Natural System.
  • Natural Nail With Clear Builder Gel.
  • Shellac Polish (Gel Polish).
  • Gradient Art.
  • 3D Gel.
  • Acrylic French Nail With Nail Form
  • Acrylic With Color French Nail.
  • Nail Enhancement.
  • Acrylic Clear Nail Extension.
  • Acrylic 3D Art.

Please call 9843817378 or email for more information on our training courses or to book your place on a course.


Level 1 Courses – One Week Level 2 Courses – Two Week Level 3 Courses – Three Week

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